Villa Sales Albox

The small town of Albox is nestled between two mountain ranges, the sierras de las Estancias and de los Filabres, the pretty mountainsides are dotted with olive groves and citrus plantations with two rivers passing close to the town. The rivers in this arid region have allowed Albox a rich agricultural heritage. It lies near the coastal town of Mojacar and could be described as the quintessential Spanish town, wish whitewashed stone walls, narrow streets and stunning cobbled plazas.

The Forest

The name as with many in the Andalucia district comes from the Arabic language. Meaning forest it is also phonetically close to the Spanish for forest; el Bosque. A traditional Spanish market town, Albox is located one hundred and thirty kilometres from Almeria, the capital of the province.


Politically it is represented by a Socialist Worker mayor who was recently elected, ousting the longstanding People’s Party candidate. The town’s population is estimated at being between 11,000 and 15,000 people although censuses in this region are notoriously inexact.


Weekly agricultural markets are prevalent in the town where producers pedal their wares and offer superb naturally grown fruits and local delicacies.

Albox Festivals

Festivals in the town are also common, being a devoutly religious place the saint’s days are celebrated wholeheartedly. Culturally the town has produced some great poets; also, touring musicians often visit Albox and provide musical accompaniment to life in this sleepy market town.